Energy Weighting and De-noising


Image quality is a hot tpoic in Medical Physics. One of the goals in Imaging Physics is to

aquire images at very low dose and maximum resolution. Photon counting detectors

have a powerful advantage to improve image quality. They have very low electronic noise

and are able to discriminate photons according to their energies and group them in bins

which allow the user to weight a certain bin more than others.

Another aspect that no image can escape is noise. Noise reduction is a current topic in

Imaging Physics since noisy images hide essential features that can be critical in the

detection of malignant tumors. We are currently working with a prototype Si-strip photon-

counting detector that can use energy weighting techniques in the projection and image

domain to enhance contrast-to-noise ratios to improve image quality. As a compliment

to improve image quality, we are also investigating de-noising techniques in the

projection and image domain.